The objective of this school project was to create a typeface study
and word association, promotional book and CD package for a specific existing type foundry. The intention was to design a package of typefaces using one main typeface and family to unite with a well-developed concept. 

I chose the type foundry Linotype, my main typeface was Univers
and the supporting fonts were Serifa and Prestige Elite. Since Univers is French for universe, my central word started as system, which
I mapped out to create the word, envisioned. Eventually my map expanded into the final word, color. My concept, deception and perception of color derived from word mapping and research. The overall message and concept of ROYGBIV was to raise an awareness about color vision deficiencies in general, since many people think those with this inability can only see things in black and white.

Role: Communications Designer & Photographer; this was a school project while attending the Academy of Art University.